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Similar to other plant mediums, soils are highly capable of supporting the phenotypical expression of plant life, acting as a container for essential nutrients. In fact, soils are truly ancient mediums for life – they have facilitated plant development since at least 870 million years ago, in the Neoproterozoic era!

Soils function as complex living ecosystems, where fungi, mycorrhizae, plants and animals can exist in symbiosis. The key to growing organically can be found in high quality topsoil and good soil conditions – it’s at the heart of successful, healthy plant growth, and a thriving, biodiverse environment.

Organic living soils will be coming to Organic Start soon… but for now, we offer a wide range of organic soil amendments for growing purposes.

We also offer Coconut Coir – a high-quality organic medium that can be used as an amendment to your soil. Coconut Coir increases water and moisture retention in your soil, while improving potting drainage.

Soil Teas Top Dressing pH Conditioning Organic Biostimulates Foliar Spray