MPP: Mineralised Phosphate Powder

Mineralised Phosphate Powder contains high levels of phosphate, and exceptional amounts of calcium! MPP can increase the size and quantity of blooms in all flowering plants.


Not all phosphate sources are the same. MPP: Mineralised Phosphate Powder is harvested from deep inside caves across the Indonesian Archipelago, where fruit eating bats have been living for millennia. These organic guano deposits interact with the rock minerals found in the cave systems, creating a complex mineralised phosphate powder that contains a broad spectrum of trace minerals.


Organic Start products are run through phytosanitary checks and an organic vector elimination process prior to export, which guarantees their safety and efficacy – and our MPP is no exception. Rock phosphate is filtered through a five screen, 200-mesh process to guarantee consistency and purity in the end product. MPP is Organic Start’s flagship product, and we have full confidence that MPP will out-perform any comparable Soft Rock Phosphate product for plant and root growth response.


Like all Organic Start products, Mineralised Phosphate Powder is highly suitable and applicable to organic growing programs. MPP can be used in gardens, landscaping, containers, and raised beds… for vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, vines, trees and shrubs.

Product Features

  • From a Single Source - all-natural, no additives!
  • A microbe-friendly source of phosphate
  • Soluble in water (we recommend aeration and agitation with a Compost Tea Bag)
  • Over 5% organic matter
  • Over 10% calcium
  • Particle Size: 75 Micron (0.075mm)

Typical Analysis

  • Available Phosphate (P2O5)9.00%
  • Calcium (Ca)10.00%

Directions for Use

  • On the farm or landscape:

    200kgs to 1.4 tonne per hectare.

    Up to 14kg per 100 square metres.

  • In the home garden:

    1.4kgs per 10m².

    0.14kgs (1 big handful) per 1m².

    Gently dig into soil surface once per month, or as desired.


  • Planting or transplanting:

    5ml (1 teaspoon or a pinch) in bottom of hole.

  • Mixing soil for potted plants and planter boxes:

    25ml per 10L of soil/growing medium.

    Gently dig into soil surface once a month, or as desired.

  • Warning!

    Contains free Silica. Avoid inhaling dust. Use in well-ventilated area. Wear a dust mask that fits.
    Product of Indonesia 🇮🇩