GRD: Glacial Rock Dust

GRD: Glacial Rock Dust is derived from Glacial Moraine; a natural mineral product formed by glacial movements occurring over geologic timescales (up to tens of thousands of years). GRD is bountiful in trace and essential minerals that plants generally require in order to thrive.


Traveling glaciers accumulate various rock types; these rocks contain a wide range of minerals and trace elements. Glacial movements spread and crush them into the Earth’s mantle, leaving concentrated mineral deposits in their wake.


All Organic Start products are run through phytosanitary checks and an organic vector elimination process prior to export, which guarantees their safety and efficacy. GRD is sourced from select Moraine deposits in Canada. The rocks are mined, dried, and screened/air classified for purity; with 80% at 74 micron or smaller – comparable to 200-mesh. The actual results, however, are better – coming in at 90% at 65 micron or smaller.


GRD mitigates common issues that Australian farmers face when attempting to grow food crops that are not native to this land. Australian soils are old and weathered. During the last Ice Age (20-26,000 years ago), many continents were naturally remineralised by Glacial Rock Dust. Not Australia, though – most of the continent was never covered in glaciers, and therefore did not experience this remineralisation event. Instead, erosion and weathering in Australia has increasingly depleted our soils of vital nutrients, over time.


Like all Organic Start products, Glacial Rock Dust is highly suitable and applicable to a range of organic growing programs. GRD is a NOP Certified Organic product which can be used in gardens, landscaping, containers, and raised beds… for vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, vines, trees and shrubs. It is safe for all native Australian flora, and will not burn plants!

Product Features

Typical Analysis

  • Calcium (Ca)2.00%
  • Magnesium (Mg)1.00%
  • Iron (Fe)2.90%
  • Manganese (Mn).0.06%

Directions for Use

  • On the garden and landscape:

    13kg per 100 square metres.

    0.25kg (3 handfuls) per 1 square metre.

    Gently dig into soil surface once per month or as desired.

  • Transplanting and premixing soil for potted plants and planter boxes:

    5mL (1 teaspoon) per 1L of soil or growing medium.

    Gently dig into soil surface once a month or as desired.

  • For top dressing:

    5mL (1 teaspoon) per 1L of soil or growing medium.

    Gently dig into soil surface once a month or as desired.

  • Warning!

    Avoid inhaling dust. Use in well-ventilated area. Wear a dust mask that fits.

    Product of Canada 🇨🇦